News from SALS about SALON

OverDrive Instant Card is up and running on the SALON site.  The option to sign up for a card to access OverDrive content immediately using a phone number is now available via the sign in page.  Please direct patrons here to sign up for an instant digital card to access OverDrive only  Patrons can also sign up for an instant digital card via the Libby app.

The process is simple!

OverDrive has offered Instant Card to us for free during the pandemic.  We will evaluate the need for this feature moving forward at a later date.

News Connection for Those with A Sight Impairment

Breaking News Available to Everyone through NFB-NEWSLINE®

In order to make current news about the COVID-19 pandemic available to all blind people, the National Federation of the Blind is making the “Breaking News” section of our NFB-NEWSLINE® service available throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico, for sixty days beginning March 16. This includes states that do not have a sponsor for the NFB-NEWSLINE service and are therefore usually only able to receive limited content.

The “Breaking News” category contains thirty-four outlets with frequently updated content. An automated search has been set up for “Coronavirus” to compile the latest articles about the pandemic and the measures being taken to combat it from all of these outlets. This content will now be available to all eligible blind people in the United States. As with all NFB-NEWSLINE content, it will be available via touchtone telephone, on the web, via the NFB-NEWSLINE mobile app, with devices like talking book players, and over smart speakers. Because the content can be accessed with Braille devices such as note-takers and refreshable Braille displays, it is also available to deafblind individuals who cannot get timely information from radio or television.

“NFB-NEWSLINE and the new breaking news channel have made tracking the new Coronavirus cases a lot easier than relying on television broadcasts,” said Glenn Crosby of Alvin, Texas. “The other day, there were two new cases confirmed where we live that showed up on NFB-NEWSLINE hours ahead of the TV news broadcast.”

“In this global health emergency, the ability to read timely information in an accessible format is even more critical than usual,” said Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. “The more people access and act upon the information that healthcare leaders and public officials are providing, the better we can all cope with the rapidly evolving situation. We are committed to making sure that blind people throughout our country have the information they need to make appropriate preparations and decisions as our nation’s response unfolds.”

For information on how to access NFB-NEWSLINE breaking news content on the Coronavirus, visit

Free On-line Performances by Dave Ruch

Please read the following from performer Dave Ruch…should be fun! Today I launched a new series of live streamed concerts that can be accessed on any computer, phone, tablet or smart TV while we’re all shut inside!

It’s called “Live From The House” and here’s what it looks like…

TUESDAY (tomorrow) NOON – NYS History Through Music
WEDNESDAY NOON – Songs for Kids!
THURSDAY NOON – All Request Hour (from jazz to Neil Young)
FRIDAY NOON – Learn to Play (Guitar this week, theme will change)
MONDAY NOON – All Request Hour (see above)

Just point your browser to my personal Facebook page ( at Noon on the day of your choice and there I’ll be, performing live for you while you lounge in your PJs eating lunch!

Richards Library 2020 Summer Reading Program

Richards Library 2020 Summer Reading Program

Leaving Our Fingerprints

Documenting Covid-19 survey

Access to @ the Library!