Richards Library Fundraiser: “That’s My Brick Legacy Project”

The Richards Library is commencing its “That’s My Brick Legacy Project” fundraising program.  The library is partnering with “That’s My Brick”, a company that produces decorative/ commemorative 4″ x 8″ bricks, to create a Legacy Platform/Walkway around the flagpole that stands in front of the Richards Library.  Any person who wishes to purchase one of these bricks can have them inscribed with a person’s name, a family name, in memoriam of a loved one or even a favorite family pet.  They can also have a graphic included as part of the inscription.  The bricks cost $50 apiece, graphic included or not, and would make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or graduations.  Additionally, if a business or organization would like to have a specific logo inscribed on the brick, the company will need a photo-ready, black and white copy of the logo, and they will need to fill out a disclaimer located on the on-line order form.  There is an added $15 cost for this service.  Go to the library’s web page,, then go to the Public Resources tab, and proceed to the bottom of the page.  There you will find a link to the on-line order form and a link to all the FREE graphics that you can have put on the bricks.  You may also go to: and order there.  If you do not wish to order on-line, the library has paper forms you may use to order.  As soon as there are 50 orders for these bricks, they will be forwarded to That’s My Brick to fulfill.  There is no deadline as this will be an on-going fundraiser for the library.  If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call the library at 518-623-3011.

FREE Yoga Classes Full

Yoga, woman sitting in Lotus position, feet resting on opposite thighs, torso erect, hands relaxed on knees, front view.

The FREE Yoga classes, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25 @ 6 PM is OFFICIALLY full. Thank you for all your interest…REMEMBER: Bring your mat and a blanket (If you have one…the blanket, that is).

FREE Yoga Classes

Yoga, woman sitting in Lotus position, feet resting on opposite thighs, torso erect, hands relaxed on knees, front view.

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 6 PM, the Richards Library will be offering FREE Yoga classes with instructor Sheryl Davey. The classes will be every Tuesday from 6-7:15 PM on the following dates: 2/25, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31 and 4/7. The class is limited to 10 participants, so call 518-623-3011 or stop by the library to sign up. If you have your own mat, please bring that and if possible a blanket would be nice. Thank you!

Access to @ the Library!