Free On-line Performances by Dave Ruch

Please read the following from performer Dave Ruch…should be fun! Today I launched a new series of live streamed concerts that can be accessed on any computer, phone, tablet or smart TV while we’re all shut inside!

It’s called “Live From The House” and here’s what it looks like…

TUESDAY (tomorrow) NOON – NYS History Through Music
WEDNESDAY NOON – Songs for Kids!
THURSDAY NOON – All Request Hour (from jazz to Neil Young)
FRIDAY NOON – Learn to Play (Guitar this week, theme will change)
MONDAY NOON – All Request Hour (see above)

Just point your browser to my personal Facebook page ( at Noon on the day of your choice and there I’ll be, performing live for you while you lounge in your PJs eating lunch!

NYS in Lockdown Mode

IN CASE you haven’t heard, Gov. Cuomo has ordered all non-essential persons to STAY HOME. This means until the foreseeable future, STAY IN PLACE. DO NOT GO OUT (unless you need to go to out for medical treatment–call first; groceries, gas…but only if it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) The State of New York is now in a LOCKDOWN situation. Again, DO NOT worry about returning Library material...NO FINES will be added to your accounts. As always, please share this on all of your related social media platforms. For more info go the the NYS Dept of Health web page for additional info. Thank you and stay home and stay healthy!!!

Access to @ the Library!