About Us


Annual Report for 2018
Library Materials Owned: 24,604; Library Mat’l Circulated:  24,426
Library Visits: 21,857
Programs Held: 195

Annual Report For 2017
Library Materials Owned: 27,510
Library Mat’l Circulated: 24,043
Library Visits: 23,383
Programs Held: 185

Mission Statement

The Richards Library provides a wide-range of unbiased source materials and
utilizes traditional and modern methods that will educate, inform, entertain and
provide the basis for a life-long learning experience. We offer the community a
safe space that encourages inquiries, free thought, an exchange of ideas and a
forum for discussion. As we strive to expand the community’s global knowledge,
we also strive to expand and preserve its cultural and historical uniqueness within
that global setting.