National Telephone Discount Lifeline Awareness Week

National Telephone Discount Lifeline Awareness Week

This is celebrated from 13 September thru 17 September, 2021. The Lifeline Discount Telephone Service Program (Lifeline) is designed to make telephone service more affordable for income-eligible consumers. Consumers qualify for Lifeline by participating in certain federal or state assistance programs OR by having income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many New Yorkers may be eligible for Lifeline for the first time but may not be aware of the program or how to apply. Consumers may also be eligible for discounts on broadband service and certain connected devices under the federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.

Information about the Lifeline and Emergency Broadband Benefit programs can be obtained here, by clicking this link:…/01BC8E76E515299785257FA2006AE…

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