Delayed Opening

Due to the current condition of the roads (there’s about an inch of ice on the road at my house), we are delaying the opening of the Library until Noon. A determination will be done at that time whether to open or remain closed for the day. Again, road conditions will dictate that decision. DO NOT attempt to go out…it is not safe out there on the sideroads. Please share on all your media outlets…thanks to all!!

Library Closed for Presidents’ Day

The Library will be closed on Monday, Feb., 15th for Presidents’ Day. We will re-open on Tuesday, Feb., 16th at our normal time of 10 AM. Enjoy the 3-day weekend!!

Library Closing Early Today

Due to worsening weather and road conditions, the Richards Library is closing at 1:30 PM today, Feb. 2nd. Stay safe out there and don’t travel unless you have to. We will open at our regular time tomorrow at 10 AM. Thank you!

Leaving Our Fingerprints

Documenting Covid-19 survey


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