Material Can Be Returned Starting Tomorrow

Painting by Kristine Greenizen

Patrons can start returning all borrowed material to the library starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 8th. Please put all returned items into the Drop Box located at the Library Avenue entrance. All material will be quarantined for 72 hours before being checked in, BUT, NO late charges will apply. We will be calling patrons to set up an appointment to pick up any materials they may have ordered, before the shut down, this week. If you would like to request materials, call us at 518-623-3011 starting Monday, July 13th. REMEMBER, you can only order books, DVDs, etc. from our collection for the time being. You may also go to the on-line catalog by going to icon at the top of this page that says, “Books, DVDs and more” and click on the link below. This will bring you to the catalog and sign in using your Library Card barcode number as your username and your password is the last 4 digits of your home phone number. Once you’re in you can order from our collection. If you have any problems, give us a call!