New Library Schedule

Effective Tuesday, Oct. 13th, the Richards Library is expanding its schedule. Please read carefully and completely. Please share this on all your social media platforms too!

Mon/Wed/Fri: The library will continue with book pick-up on these days. Pick-ups are by appointment only. We will call you when your items arrive to set up a time for you to come by. If we cannot reach you, we will leave a message for you to call us back at 518-623-3011 to set up an appointment. Appointments will NOW run from 10:20 AM-5:30 PM…this should allow people who get out of work later to get their materials.

Tues/Thurs: The library will be open from 10 AM-4 PM. People who wish to use our computers will be able to make an appointment for 1 hour/day by calling us at 518-623-3011. The last appointment slots will run from 3 PM-4 PM. Walk-ins for faxing and copying will stop at the entry control point at the Library Avenue entrance and a staff member will send your fax or make your copies. Please, NO big bills to pay for faxing or copying; faxing is $1/page and copying is $0.15/page.

As always, please use the Library Avenue entrance for all business. A mask/face covering must be worn to receive any service and must be worn at all times when at the computers. If you have any questions, call us at 518-623-3011.