Corona Virus, The Smithsonian & Vaccines and US

Project REALM, which brought us the early information on the Coronavirus and library materials, points libraries to The Smithsonian Institution’s information relating to young people and the virus:

“Vaccines & US: Community Health and Young People To support the recent authorization of vaccines for young people, 5-11 years old, the Vaccines & US project has collected materials specifically about young people and the COVID-19 pandemic in a special section to help: Discuss COVID-19 and vaccination with young children and teens Young people cope with pandemic related anxiety

Navigate COVID-19 information and disinformation and debunk some common myths All of the material can be freely used by library/museum/archival staff and the general public. Vaccines & US is a project led by the Smithsonian Institution that provides science-based information and resource about COVID-19 and addresses vaccine hesitancy.

”Vaccines & US: