Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records

Policy:  Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records

The following are rules and regulations of The Board of Trustees of The Richards Library. These are effective May 5, 2014 and will be reviewed biannually.

The Richards Library protects the privacy of records and the confidentiality of patron library use as required by law.  New York Civil Practice Law Section 4509 states New York public libraries cannot disclose information from a library user’s records except: 1.  Upon Request or Consent of the User 2.  To The Extent Necessary for the proper Operation of the Library 3.  Pursuant to Subpoena, Court Order or Where Otherwise Required by Statue.

Library Records Include: circulation records workstation logs security video information sought or received materials consulted, bought, or acquired database search records interlibrary loan records program registration information sign -up sheets material complaint forms emails voicemails any other such records, with personally identifiable uses of materials, facilities, programs or services, that may be accumulated

The library may disclose information to cooperating libraries to assist patrons and provide for interlibrary loans.

Parents or guardians requesting records of children under the age of 18 may be asked to provide proof of custodial authority.  Requests will be complied with as soon as practicable.  Requestors who are denied may appeal to the Richards Library Board of Directors.

If there is cause to believe that a criminal act has been committed on library property or with library resources, the library will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to obtain patron consent or a court order for release of privileged library records for criminal investigation and prosecution.  The library staff will cooperate fully with law enforcement to the extent allowed by law.

Summer Reading:  Participants in NYPL’s Summer Reading program should be aware that information that is provided by participants may be accessible by teachers at Warrensburg Central Schools.  In addition, certain participants in the Summer Reading program may be invited to attend special events (e.g., events for students who have read the most books, etc.)  Personal information of these participants may be shared in connection with such invitations and events.

Written parental consent for use of identifiable photos of children under the age of 18 will be obtained before said photos are published or publically displayed.