Library Programs Cancelled through 31 March 2020

With concerns about the Coronavirus on the rise, the library has decided to cancel ALL planned programs through March 31, 2020. Various Board of Trustee committee meetings will still occur at their scheduled day, date and time.
If you would like to return books, please use the book drop located at the Library Avenue entrance. Does this mean the library is closed to you? No, you can still come into the library to check out books. However, if you have books that need to be renewed and you don’t want to come in, call us at 518-623-3011 and we can do this over the phone. IF you have run out of renewals, and you’re not feeling well OR you have contracted the flu or virus, stay home and any fines you incur will be waived. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ALL YOUR LOCAL FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC., FRIENDS SO THE WORD GETS AROUND…WE APPRECIATE IT!!!